A.D.D. Just Doesn't Add Up

A.D.D. Just Doesn't Add Up!

Workshops held on Wednesdays, 7 – 9 pm

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Special workshop for parents, educators and professionals!

Many doctors, educators and parents express growing concern at the increasing number of young people who are being put on medications for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, often diagnosed only by vague symptoms.

This is more common in the United States, but the movement to apply drugs to hard-to-handle children with short attention spans is growing worldwide.

In this workshop, you’ll learn current facts, and how to assess, test for and distinguish visual problems that mimic or complicate what is commonly called AD(H)D.


Many signs of A.D.D. are similar to those for vision deficits.
Here are some visual indicators:


  • Attention span becomes shorter during close-up work
  • Restless when facing work that requires prolonged near vision
  • Disturbs others when classwork involves reading or writing
  • Concentrates well on video games, but not on reading, writing or mathematics
  • Seems compelled to touch everything
  • Bumps into things, trips or falls instead of stepping over, around steps, carpet edges or objects
  • Hates to read, but likes being read to by others
  • Takes medication, but still has problem concentrating whenever near vision work is required


Workshops to be held at the office of

Dr. Samantha Slotnick

495 Central Park Ave, Suite 301

Scarsdale, NY  10583


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