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Dr. Slotnick found her way to the specialty of Behavioral Optometry via personal experience. As a child, she struggled with tracking problems and was diagnosed with a “lazy eye.” Reading glasses helped, but as the print got smaller, the visual hurdles became greater. In the classroom, she relied on auditory learning. At home, she struggled with reading assignments due to loss of place, experiencing words swimming over the page and intermittent double vision. Most nights she fell asleep on her work, never realizing this was not normal! Real help didn’t come for her until after college, when she received her first pair of bifocal glasses. That weekend, she read a book for pleasure for the first time in 8 years.

Motivated by the life-changing impact of this non-conventional prescription, Dr. Slotnick pursued optometry as a career.

Since graduating optometry school, Dr. Slotnick has continued to explore the visual process as an active participant in her own visual rehabilitation. She has developed skills in depth perception, improvements in eye-hand coordination, and has gradually reduced the power of her glasses, by 7 steps in one eye, and 4 steps in the other! By working through her own visual challenges, she learned firsthand that vision therapy is a whole-person experience. Not only did her vision change, but also her outlook!

As an eye doctor for pediatric through geriatric care, Dr. Slotnick is thrilled to bring her knowledge and experience to the heart of Westchester.

Her space is dedicated to helping the child in each of us
envision our world and create new possibilities for our future.

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