Lens-based Postural Therapy

Lens-based Postural Therapy

Lens-based Postural Therapy is the therapeutic application of lenses for their impact on a patient's physical body.  

Patients receiving Lens-based Postural Therapy are able to enjoy
a PASSIVE form of Vision Therapy which has a synergistic effect
on both physical endeavors and academic/ cognitive efforts.

Our visual system is immediately responsive to light.  From the moment we awaken, we open our eyes and begin to orient our body accordingly.  

The binocular visual system receives an array of spatial information through each eye-channel, compares the two sets of data, and immediately orients the head, neck and body to best facilitate binocular processing.  When there are even subtle interferences with our binocular alignment, humans adapt with postural skews, such as tilting, tipping, or turning the head.  This can lead to headaches, and/or chronic neck and back discomfort.

Our sensorimotor systems are completely integrated.  Light carries spatial information which is processed both consciously and unconsciously.  A portion of the light information is managed in the midbrain, never reaching the consciousness of cortical processing (more on that HERE).  Visual contours orient our eyes to team up and provide complementary information from two different perspectives.  We orient our heads to facilitate binocular visual processing.  And we start planning how we can close the space between ourselves and the world beyond our grasp.

soccer vision directs action


With the underlying premise that THE PURPOSE OF VISION IS TO DIRECT ACTION, Dr. Slotnick spent over 15 years watching patients walk with lenses prior to prescribing, in offices all over Westchester County, New York.  Many of her early explorations were for patients with significant imbalances, due to neurological insults (such as concussion or stroke).  These patients afforded learning opportunities on the use of lenses to effect changes in their balance, gait, and freedom of movement.  Providers of Physical Therapy were among the first to notice the significant improvements in their patients' physical performance with the support of such lenses.  Lens-based Postural Therapy facilitates sensory integration between visual-spatial organization and body organization.

In time, Dr. Slotnick started to uncover patterns in lens prescribing for patients with far more subtle binocular visual dysfunctions.  But as she began to explore the use of lenses for the patient in motion, she learned that she could predictably impact:

    • balance, 
    • gait, 
    • freedom of movement, 
    • physical posture (standing or seated), 

and consistently, these patients performed with improved binocular visual performance with the lenses ... which also supported body organization!  

Currently, many patients find their way to Dr. Slotnick and Mind-Body-World Optometry, via inter-disciplinary referrals from Physical Therapists, Movement specialists, holistic/ airway-wellness dentists, Craniosacral Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and more.  Patients receiving Lens-based Postural Therapy are able to enjoy a PASSIVE form of Vision Therapy which has a synergistic effect on both physical endeavors and academic/ cognitive efforts.

Exploring the impact of lenses on how one MOVES enables us to collaborate with other providers in addressing patient complaints such as neck strain, headache, back pain, even hip discomfort. 

Many patients who present to our practice with binocular vision problems and learning-related visual dysfunctions are also able to benefit from this form of refractive testing with Sensory Integration.

The videos below provide an introduction to Lens-based Postural Therapy, and to some patient examples which show the powerful impact of subtle lens changes.


Working With Vision Therapy Patients in Scarsdale and Beyond

At Mind-Body-World Optometry, we are dedicated to assisting patients with numerous visual problems. We offer a variety of advanced and scientifically proven vision therapy techniques to assist patients in achieving the best possible visual results.  Patients who wish to explore Lens-based Postural Therapy may do so in the course of their visual evaluation.  This testing typically takes place over 2-3 visits.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive vision and eye health examination, or a Functional Vision Evaluation to complement examination with your primary eyecare provider.  

Patients currently in the care of body-work providers may be eligible for co-treatment, and/or coordination of care.  Lens-based Postural Therapy may also be used in conjunction with an active, individualized vision therapy treatment plan that is designed to improve not only your visual acuity, but also how your visual system works as a whole.

For more about Mind-Body-World Optometry, refer to this introduction to our practice.

For additional discussion on therapeutic lens prescribing, and some video examples of the impact of lenses on body organization, see "Personality & Prescriptions."

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