En "Vision" Your World, Vision & Learning

In honor of August being National Children's Vision and Learning Month, Dr. Slotnick engaged in a conversation with TV host Cicely G on her talk show, Give and Take: The Positives in Life.

Give and Take aired this timely, impassioned discussion in August, 2016, on LMCTV in Larchmont and Mamaroneck, NY.

We hope you enjoy it!

Below is an outline of the discussion points.

Jump into the conversation at any one of these topics:

  • Introduction
    • Holistic approach
    • Maximize your natural potential
    • Envision your world... not just visual input, but visual OUTLOOK
  • Personal journeys with eye health and vision problems
    • Dr. Slotnick & Cicely G share their stories
  • Going Beyond 20/20...
    • What are the visual input skills?
    • Eyesight, and...
    • Demo, Eye-teaming: Words pulling apart
    • "I see everything!" ... Peripheral vision
  • August is National Children's Vision and Learning Month
    • Supporting Children with vision problems that interfere with their ability...
      • to read
      • to learn
      • to comprehend
      • to pay attention
    • Why is my child smart in everything but school?
      • Not working to his/her potential
      • Impact on self-esteem
      • The Homework War
      • Disrupts ... the whole family
    • Who is going to help my child?
      • Although your child may meet school requirements (not qualifying for support services), as a parent, you know they are not truly living up to their natural potential.
  • IS there an attention problem?
    • Activity-specific lack of attention?
    • ... Only presents on near-point vision demands, like reading?
    • "My child can sit and play with legos for an hour..."
  • Impact on school: your child may....
    • Struggle through, but inefficiently
    • Plow through, with poor comprehension
    • Avoid, avoid, avoid:
      • Procrastination
      • "Class clown" behavior
      • "I need to go to the bathroom" ... again?
      • Outright refusals, lashing out, frustration: These are all BEHAVIORAL communications that say, "I can't keep doing this!"
  • Videos, impacts of vision therapy on Quality of Life
    • Mature adult with strabismus
      • "Now I think ahead!"
    • 5th grader, scholastic and behavioral ramifications of his vision problems
      • Smart but lazy??
      • "If you have no spatial awareness, your brain doesn't organize itself..."
      • "How can you learn to spell?..."
      • "I GOT this!!" "...He can handle anything!"
    • Raise awareness and education in the community
    • Remove visual interferences... MAXIMIZE your potential
    • Make the most natural, fully effective use of your vision
    • "Your level of consciousness is the gateway to your future."


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