Struggling? Self-Assessment!

Is your child struggling?

Visual problems may result in:
Reduced Performance, Physical changes, or Avoidance.

Be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs!

  • Short attention span for reading
  • Must re-read to understand
  • Takes hours to do 30 minutes of homework
  • Gets sleepy when reading
  • Easily distracted, especially during near work
  • Still reverses words, letters, beyond 2nd grade
  • Skips or re-reads words or lines
  • Misaligns columns of numbers
  • Must use finger to hold place while reading
  • Learns spelling words well, then cannot recall words during the spelling test
  • Class clown, distracting others
  • Moody, aggressive behaviors
  • Refuses to do homework
  • Has been suggested to have A.D.D.
  • Doesn’t work up to potential
  • Covers one eye while reading
  • Exhibits odd postures at desk
  • Squints, for board or desk work
  • Frequent after-school headaches

Do you observe several of these signs in your child?

Contact Us to rule out whether vision problems are contributing to your child’s difficulties in school!

Is Optometric Vision Therapy your next step?

Learn more about the impacts of Learning Related Vision Problems, and how Optometric Vision Therapy can help:

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